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Licensed Psychologist
Serving Individuals, Couples, Marriages, Families, and Relationships
Since 1977
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• Licensed Psychologist
• Licensed Marriage and Family
• Licensed School Psychologist
• Florida Supreme Court Certified
  Family Mediator


Waves, Licensed Psychologist in Largo, FL
Adult, adolescents, and children are welcome to call, inquire about services, and schedule an appointment for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for the problems in their lives and for the mental health and well-being they seek.  Dr. Susan G. Ellis is here to help. 

Dr. Ellis is a licensed psychologist, licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed school psychologist, and Florida Supreme Court certified family mediator offering services to individuals, couples, marriages, families, and relationships.  She can help with behavioral and emotional problems, and with interpersonal problems in your personal life and in the workplace. Private and Confidential.
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